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Having a new golf driver in your bag can make a significant difference in your round of golf. Golf drivers are continually improving year after year. If you've got a driver in your golf bag that's several years old, there's a good chance the technology is using an upgrade.

There are a few essentials that you should consider before making your decision to purchase a new driver. In this guide, we'll help you figure out if it's time for a new driver if you'll get a new one, and what the real differences are between a driver today and one from ten years ago.

What Has Changed In Golf Driver Technology?

You're probably reading this article because you're wondering if it makes sense to spend $500 on a brand-new golf club. If you hit your driver for 250 yards (0.23 km) and are happy with it, does it make sense to spend $500 to reach another 250? When deciding to get a new driver, it is vital to understand the technology you have and the new technology on the market. Only then can you decide if your club is ready for a replacement.

There are 4 main categories to consider when it comes to golf drivers, they are:

  • Adaptability
  • Forgiveness
  • Distance
  • Technology

Let's get straight into the merits.


Many of the golf drivers on the market today are adjustable. For some products, you can adjust the loft; You may also be able to adjust the weighting, and others will also allow you to adjust the position of the stick. The combination of loft and lie settings prepares you for many ball flight and throwing combinations.

With all the emphasis on custom fit and custom sticks, an adjustable controller can give you a custom fit every time you go out to play. The adjustability of drivers has changed considerably in recent years and it has become easier to manage and keep track of the adjustments on your clubs.

The first truly adjustable driver heads were introduced in 2011. These heads changed the golf industry and made golf equipment that much more valuable. If you can take a wrench and just turn it a few times to fix your slice, it's worth a lot to a golfer.


There is no doubt that golf hardware has gotten all the more sympathetic. In the event that you are savvy about what you buy, and pick a club that is directly in your game, you're truly getting more enthusiastic accused by the golf club of being a helpless shot. A portion of the upgrades to the pardoning of golf clubs incorporate a lot bigger sweet spots and variable face thickness.

Golf manufacturers like Callaway are utilizing man-made consciousness to figure out where most golf players miss and how their golf clubs ought to be created to oblige those players. This has brought about golf clubs having more absolution in the lower heel and upper toe of the clubface.

On the off chance that you are playing with a more seasoned driver and will in general miss both of these two territories, another driver may assist you with improving your game.

forgiving golf driver


Consistently that an organization delivers another Driver, they guarantee it is longer and superior to the past model. How does a shopper know whether it is truly more? It very well may be hard to tell from a golf player's viewpoint if another innovation is going to bring about more yardage on the fairway. No organization is going to deliver drivers and states, "about as long as our past models!"

There are a couple of things that have been created over the most recent couple of years that will give you a sign as to if a driver is really going to be longer.

Appearances have gotten more slender than in years past. More slender faces help give the golf ball a springlike impact on the face. Drivers made six to ten years prior have a lot thicker countenances than current innovation permits.

Ball speed is another sign of separation. Current drivers are guaranteed to have a lot quicker ball speed than models from earlier years. In the event that you can jump on a dispatch screen with your old driver and the driver you are thinking about buying, it's a smart idea to focus on that ball speed factor.


In fact, all new drivers have new technologies every year, but Cobra offers a unique type of technology that other brands have not followed as yet. Cobra Connect technology allows you to track the distance you hit your Cobra clubs.

You can download the Cobra Connect Software for your mobile phone, and it will automatically monitor your results with your driver. We love it when you change the ceiling or lie on your driver. If you really want to know what that level of variation on the ceiling will do to your game, you can get the best results given to you very quickly.

This is not true, it is not a necessity in the whole game of golf, but it is an exciting development that can be imagined considering you are buying a new driver.